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I am a black Reading escort and people love me

It’s typical for me to accompany people when they book me. My name is Jane, 28 years of age and grows in Nigeria. I have black skin and curly hair. Because of difficulties of life, I have to fly in London to find some job and sustain my family necessities. Since I have a home to stay with, I didn’t miss the opportunity. I was mesmerized by the country’s beauty and fantastic resources. London is an enormous urban and the capital city of United Kingdom. Their facilities are advanced, and technologies are more used. London is a perfect place for me to live where your desires come true. On the next day of staying, I started finding a job. It becomes harsh to me since I went to a different place and caught myself experiencing culture shock. So, to able to look natural in the area, I have researched everything about them and make some adjustments. Well, it wasn’t comfortable from the start, but eventually, I have been able to make it. It was the coldest of the month, the 16th day of January and go around for employment. It took me two weeks of job-hunt to finally get a job. The process was robust like starving me to save money. I have gone to different restaurants, coffee shop, etc. I became a waiter and signed a contract. Agreements include three months of a probationary period, and I have to make my best since salaries are big. Well, I was the only black among all the employees but became favorites of my superiors. I had proved to them that black people have the determination and can excel too. Everything was smooth in my work, and I have promoted in the short time. The work was a less pressure now, and I have more free time than before. The restaurant was celebrating, it was an anniversary and been very busy all day. My task was to entertain the guests as well as making sure that everything is perfect. Our program starts at 9 am in the morning, and some of the world known chefs are coming. Everything is well prepared, some of the guests are here and were waiting for few more. We are expecting about 350 persons, and this is one of the biggest party thrown by the owners. After an hour of waiting, everyone is complete including the family and owner’s friend. People are enjoying and laughing. The owner has spoken about his gratefulness of the success and for the people who have attended the party. I have also intervened on behalf of the staffs and chefs of the restaurants. Everyone had their eyes on me, and I was nervous at that moment. At the middle of the party, one man came to me and offered some wine. Well, I had a smile back to him and said thank you. Our conversation went well, and he is funny. I know him because he was one of the wealthiest men in London, He was 55 years old. I had entertained him because it was part of my duties. We have discussed a lot, and I noticed him looking at me differently. Like there was something he wants to tell me. While I have drink wine, he came to me closer and whispered if I can be his “black reading escort” since my skin color is black. I have thought it well and gave him my number. He had texted me since that day. And then I have realized the extra money I can get with this man since I need to accompany him. I have responded and sealed the deal. He has told me where and when the party is. He also bought me new shoes and dressed to wear. The moment had come, and I was the first black Reading escort. People have looked at me while walking with Mr. Johnson, I have also heard one of the guests saying I was the most beautiful lady at night. I have done very well in the party, and Mr. Johnson pleased how I have joined him. When the party is about to over, one guest has come to me to book if I can be her black reading escort for another event. I am very flattered that people love me. And appreciate me being unique. And after that, I am known as one of the best black reading escorts in the country.




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